Test data sets


Sample decoded L0 data

All the documentation necessary to decode Sentinel-1 Level-0 products is providing in a single package. In addition to the documentation, it provides a sample of Level-0 product with the associated RAW decoded data in order to support the users.

Sentinel-1 Level-0 Data Decoding Package


Sample L1 data

The SAR processor (S1-IPF) version IPF 3.5.x is operated since 2022-03-23 16:25:31.

Before its deployment, a set of sample data implementing format change was publish and are available here.


Burst ID Maps

Sentinel-1 performs systematic acquisition of bursts in both IW and EW modes. The bursts overlap almost perfectly between different passes and are always located at the same place. With the deployment of the SAR processor S1-IPF 3.4, a new element has been added to the products annotations: the Burst ID, which should help the end user to identify a burst area of interest and facilitate searches. Now, we publish complementary auxiliary products, the Burst ID maps.

The maps have a validity that covers the entire time span of the mission and they are global, i.e., they include as well information where no SAR data is acquired. Each entry of the database contains information about burst and sub-swath IDs, relative orbit and burst polygon, and should allow for an easier link between a certain burst ID in a product and its corresponding geographic location.

The maps are public and can be freely downloaded here: [Burst ID Maps 2022-05-30]

The content is provided in sqlite3/spatialite binary (one per mode) and KMZ (one per mode and relative orbit number) formats. Additionally, a README file gives a description of the information provided by the maps, as well as information on the validation procedure and quality statistics.

For questions, please contact Copernicus EO Support (eosupport@copernicus.esa.int) addressing "SAR MPC". The questions will be forwarded to the SAR Mission Performance Cluster Service.

You can cite those burst ID Maps as follows

Sentinel-1 Burst ID Map, version 20220530, generated by the SAR-MPC service, available on Sentinel-1 MPC Test data sets