Technical documentation

This page presents relevant documentation for end-user to properly manipulate the Sentinel-1 products.


Generic Sentinel-1 technical documentation

The documentation of Sentinel-1 products can be found in Sentinel online in the Sentinel-1 SAR document library HERE

This contains inter alia:

  • The Sentinel-1 product definition document: definition of targeted Sentinel-1 product performances

  • Sentinel-1 SAR Space Packet Protocol Data Unit: specification of Sentinel-1 Level 0 product format

  • The Sentinel-1 product specification: specification of Sentinel-1 Level 1 and Level 1 product format

  • The Sentinel-1 Level 1 Detailed Processing Model

  • The Sentinel-1 Level 2 Algorithm Theoretical Baseline Document for the three components OWI/OSW/RVL


Using Sentinel-1 data


The following reports are available to adress specific topics in using Sentinel-1 products.

Guide to Sentinel-1 geocoding

Using the RFI annotations

Long duration mutual interferences (RFI)

Masking "No-value" pixels on GRD products generated by the Sentinel-1 ESA IPF

Thermal denoising of products generated by the Sentinel-1 IPF

Definition of TOPS SLC deramping function for products generated by the Sentinel-1 IPF

Radiometric calibration of the Sentinel-1 products


Using Sentinel-1 data with SNAP

The document of SNAP can be found in the web site of the STEP - Scientific Toolbox Exploitation Portal