Sentinel-1 Mission Performance Center

On this website you will find all information that is published by the Sentinel-1 Mission Performance Center.

Quality Disclaimers

IPF Auxiliary Data Files

L1 Processor ParametersAUX_PP1 latest S1A (ICID=7)
latest S1B (ICID=2)
Calibration Auxiliary DataAUX_CAL latest S1A (ICID=7)
latest S1B (ICID=2)
Instrument Auxiliary DataAUX_INS latest S1A (ICID=7)
latest S1B (ICID=2)
L2 Processor ParametersAUX_PP2 latest S1A (ICID=7)
latest S1B (ICID=2)
Simulated Cross SpectraAUX_SCS latest S1

Orbit Files

A new query and download interface for orbit files is available via the Copernicus Sentinels POD Data Hub.