Product performances

This page presents relevant documentation for end-user either to assess the performance of the Sentinel-1 mission instrument and products.

Annual Performance Reports

Those reports provide the status of Sentinel-1 mission instrument and product performance for the successive years of operations.

Annual Performance Report 2022 is under preparation

Annual Performance Report 2021

Annual Performance Report 2020

Annual Performance Report 2019

Annual Performance Report 2018

Annual Performance Report 2017

Annual Performance Report 2016

Annual Performance Report 2015


N-Cyclic Performance Reports

The N-Cyclic Performance Reports provide information on product performance on period covering currently 4 cycles. Those reports are available in the Sentinel-1 SAR Document Library here: Sentinel-1 SAR Document Library

They provide interim reporting on product performance between the publication of annual performance reports that contain much more information. Once an annual performance report is available, the N-Cyclic Performance Report covered by the year are then unpublished.


Quality Disclaimers

A set of Quality Disclaimers are available on this web site.
The quality disclaimer provide description of product performance degradation together with information on how to segregate the impacted products (by SAR unit, acquisition time, generation time, etc)


Ad hoc performance reports

Sentinel-1A Analysis of performances after collision on 23rd August 2016

Sentinel-1A Antenna Failure - Anomaly Characterization Report

Sentinel-1A TOPS radiometric performance refinement