How to query the web archive

The Sentinel-1 MPC website provides a queryable API at to find IPF ADF files.

This web api was introduced to allow users to quickly and efficiently find ADF files instead of having to scrape the html listing pages from the MPC website.

The web api covers the following types of products:

product_type description
AUX_PP1 L1 Processor Parameters
AUX_CAL Calibration Auxiliary Data
AUX_INS Instrument Auxiliary Data
AUX_PP2 L2 Processor Parameters
AUX_SCS Simulated Cross Spectra
AUX_ML2 Machine Learning Models for L2
AUX_SCF SETAP Configuration File
AUX_ITC Instrument Timing Calibration

The metadata that is returned for each product uses the data model as used by the Muninn software. This consists of a generic set of core metadata fields (that are Sentinel-1 independent) and optional sets of additional metadata fields grouped into namespaces. There is a sentinel1 namespace that provides additional metadata that is common for the Sentinel-1 mission and an adf namespace with ADF specific version information.


Note that the examples below will show an HTML page with results when executed from within a browser. When using a command line tool or programmatic interface the result will be a JSON structure.

List all products of a specific product_type

To list all Calibration Auxiliary files use:

Find the right AUX file for a product

Based on the validity start and instrument configuration id of a product (e.g. validity start = 2018-01-02T12:34:56 and ICID = 6) the applicable auxiliary file (e.g. AUX_PP1) can be found as follows:

Metadata sync

A clone of the archive can be kept by requesting the changes made to the archive after a certain date (the last time the clone was updated). This will return the metadata entries for all new and updated products.

Caveat: since the archive does not keep track of removed entries, the API does not provide information for these cases.


Query parameters

The core query parameters are:

  • uuid (UUID)
  • hash (Text)
  • size (Long)
  • metadata_date (Timestamp)
  • product_type (Text)
  • product_name (Text)
  • physical_name (Basename)
  • validity_start (Timestamp)
  • validity_stop (Timestamp)
  • creation_date (Timestamp)
  • remote_url (Remote)

Sentinel1 specific query parameters. These are prefixed with sentinel1__:

  • mission (Text)
    • S1A, S1B, S1C
  • instr_conf_id (Integer)
  • processing_facility (Text)
  • processor_name (Text)
  • processor_version (Text)

ADF specific query parameters (applicable to AUX_CAL, AUX_INS, AUX_PP1, AUX_PP2, AUX_SCS, AUX_ML2 product types). These are prefixed with adf__:

  • active (Boolean)
  • stop_time (Timestamp)
  • change_description (Text)

Query parameter types

Fields might be set to null, this can be checked with the isnull modifier. Providing a value ousite the scope of the parameter type leads to undefined results.


Free text field


Number fields (Integer, Long) can contain only digits.


Dates are UTC. They are represented in ISO 8601 format without time zone information, i.e.:

  • 2017-10-01T00:39:50
  • 20171001T003950

The time part can be omitted, i.e.

  • 2017-10-01
  • 20171001

A boolean field is either:

  • true or 1
  • false or 0

The string values are case-insensite.

Query parameter lookups

Other criteria are available besides providing an exact value. Which criteria is available depends on the pareameter type. These criteria are used by appending __<lookup_name> to the field name:

_lookup_ Boolean Number Timestamp Text description
exact x x x x == (default lookup)
ne x x x x != different
in x x x x comma-separated list of exact values
isnull x x x x Takes either true or false
lt x x < less than
gt x x > greater than
lte x x <= less than or equals
gte x x >= greater than or equals
range x x range test (inclusive)
date x ignores the time part
year x year
month x month, 1 (January) to 12 (December)
day x day of month
week x week number, 1 to 52 or 53
week_day x day of week, 1 (Sunday) to 7 (Saturday)
time x ignores the date part
hour x hour, 0 to 23
minute x minute, 0 to 59
second x second, 0 to 59
startswith x
endswith x
contains x
iexact x case-insensitive exact
istartswith x case-insensitive startswith
iendswith x case-insensitive endswith
icontains x case-insensitive contains


If there are more than 50 products matching a query, the results will be paginated. The following properties will be available along the results:

  • count - total number of results
  • next - URI to get the next page of results
  • previous - URI to get the previous page of results

If needed, the number of results per page can be adjusted by adding a page_size parameter (to a maximum of 1000):


The default ordering of results is by ascending validity_start. The sort order can be customized, using the ordering query parameter. Custom ordering needs to be enabled, see optional configuration section below.

sort by descending metadata_date
multiple fields can be specified,-adf__stop_time

Output control

By default, the output will contain only the core metadata. To get the full metadata record, specify mode=extended in the query string. This will include all the namespaces (sentinel1 and adf), links and tags for each product.